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Facilities Operations

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This department manages day-to-day operations, maintenance and repair of campus facilities (buildings, access, finishing, signs), utilities (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy management), landscape and grounds (including athletic fields), custodial services, mailing services, and university services.

The Building Maintenance department has four trade shops – General Maintenance, Finishing, Access, and Sign.

General Maintenance provides structural repair, construction, carpentry, roofing, renovation services, pest control, keyed lock systems and maintains records of all keys issued on campus.

The Access Shop installs and repairs building and equipment lock and door hardware systems, building electronic card access systems, and security alarm systems.

The Finishing Shop performs regularly scheduled painting and touch-up work on interiors and exteriors of buildings.

The Sign Shop produces interior, exterior and vehicular signs.

A full-time energy manager oversees the consumption of and expenses related to electrical, natural gas, and water utility services.  This includes assisting with negotiating multi-year electrical energy contracts and all efforts to reduce energy and water consumption on campus.

The Facility Services team is responsible for custodial maintenance operations in non-residential buildings, oversight of contract cleaning services, window washing, and care of specialized flooring.

The Landscape and Grounds teaem is responsible for the maintenance of athletic fields and all campus areas not enclosed by walls or under a roof, including grass and landscaped areas, trees, greenhouses, irrigation systems, and refuse collection. This includes application of chemicals and pesticides. The pavement maintenance function includes responsibility for streets and traffic signs, sidewalks and other paved areas, and snow and ice control.

Mailing Services provides a full-service US Post Office and full-service UPS and FedEx shipping.  Employees receive and distribute mail and packages for students living on campus and mail pickup and delivery to campus buildings.  Mailing Services also prepares and processes bulk mailings for all university departments.

University Services is responsible for the moving and storage of university property, setup services for routine activities and special events, and bulk mail delivery to the main postal shipping center.

HVAC – Mechanical Systems, sometimes called HVAC, is responsible for ensuring that the campus heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, are operating properly. This includes the operation and maintenance of three central chilled water plants and the associated distribution systems as well as maintaining the remote automation control system that runs it all.

Electrical – Electrical Systems is responsible for ensuring that the campus has continuous, reliable electricity, and that it is used in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The team handles the maintenance and operation of existing facilities and equipment, as well as the oversight and guidance of equipment installations in new facilities in the following areas: procurement of electrical power, primary and secondary electrical distribution systems, building electric services equipment, building interior electrical distribution, interior and exterior lighting, sports lighting, emergency electrical power, mechanical systems electrical controls, and campus fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems.

PlumbingPlumbing Systems is responsible for ensuring that pluming, water, natural gas, sewage and storm drainage systems are operating properly.

Department Contacts

  • Richard Bryan
    Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Operations
  • Vacant
    Administrative Assistant

Building Maintenance


Landscape & Grounds

Facility Services (Custodial)

Mailing Services & University Services (Moving Crew)

  • Andy Easley
    Manager – Mailing Services and University Services