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Facilities Planning, Design & Construction

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facilities employees installing outdoor banners

The Planning, Design, and Construction (PDC) team facilitates planning efforts for all projects associated with all aspects of the physical campus.

What We Do

PDC facilitates all aspects of planning, design, and construction for campus projects from initial concept development through project completion. These efforts include feasibility studies related to data analysis, land use, district planning, space planning, site/building development, interior design, and environmental graphics.
The PDC team also coordinates campus stakeholder engagement and develops the scope and budget to inform annual updates to the facilities multi-year capital plan. The team facilitates development and maintenance to the TCU design standards, design guidelines, and TCU master plan. Additionally, PDC helps guide facility compliance with the Americans with disabilities act and other code related requirements.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Preparation of plans, design drawings, and cost estimates for facility projects
  • Construction inspection and management
  • Furniture and carpet requests
  • Facilitate requests for new space allocation
  • Real estate planning  

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